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Naruto 693

Sasuke: B-Baka, it's not like I like Sakura or anything, and I don't know why she like me like that anyway...
Naruto, Kakashi, and Hagoromo: STOP FIGHTING IT, SASUKE.

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So final thoughts from 693:

From a Sakura fan perspective I’m meh about it, from a Sasusaku fan perspective I absolutely love this chapter.

Because we can surmise that Sasuke….

  • doesn’t believe he has qualities ”deserving” of Sakura’s love, or has a bad image of himself. “I don’t see what…


"You really are damned annoying."

Why Sasuke? Because you can feel her getting under your skin? Because she actually gets to you and makes you falter in your resolve, even if for only a second - every time?


Chapter 181: You really are very annoying
Chapter 693: You are such an annoyance
Because falconia convinced me to make one

all she wanted was to be yours.


Team 7 ayyyyyyyyy!!


Ah! Quality! Something my scanner doesn’t give a shit about!

Anyways, the idea of Team 7 getting back to their original dorkiness gives me life. So why not try to see Kakashi’s face one more time? XD (that’s one of the little fillers in Naruto I’d love to consider cannon)

Also, this is dedicated to dattebae (specially the NaruSaku Brotps parts). I really hope you like it, dear.

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