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Basicaly a Neymar in skirts.

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Sasuke transformed into a Susano cosplayer!!


I'll begin my journey into the shadows from this moment on.


Powerful Shinobi~ Greek Attributes
Favourite Sensei | Jiraiya 「自来也」 


make me choose: shikamaru/naruto friendship or sakura being hella badass — asked by spookyceles


Waiting for next chapter…


Kevin and Argit attempt to warn the Amalgam kids about the Rooters’ intentions; Meanwhile Ben, Rook, and Gwen set off to find Kevin and land themselves in the Null Void!

The poster for part two should be coming pretty soon after this one, and I’ll probably do a composite poster of the two once I’m done (because it’s a two part event). This little arc seems to be another one that’s gonna throw us all for loop after loop, and I’m not sure I’m prepared just yet! Nevertheless, I am entirely excited about what’s to come of them. Thank you guys so much for supporting the series, please keep it up!

Make sure to get up bright and early for the first part of “WEAPON XI” @ 5 AM Central/6 AM EST October 16th on Cartoon Network, and on October 17th at the same time and place for the thrilling conclusion!

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Mind if I take a picture for my Wall of Avatars?

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